Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Rivalry: #15 North Carolina @ #1 Duke

by F.J. Delgado

Good luck to Duke tonight against archrivals North Carolina... it will be a great game regardless of the rankings.

What most sports fans don't objectively realize is that UNC/Duke is bar none the best and most prolific rivalry in all of American sports. ESPN might tell you that the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry is the most popular or best rivalry, but that's straight up bullshit.

The Red Sox, historically, have been a losing franchise, especially to the Yankees. "26 to 6" or "SCOREBOARD" is all you need to say to a Red Sox fan to get him to shut up about what a great rivalry they have. Once Red Sox fans mention their special little World Series Championship in 2004, all you have to do is remind them that they weren't alive for the last one 80+ years ago, and if they were, point to the cemetary across the street and politely ask them if they have investigated purchasing a plot there, because surely the fan in question will be dead in a few months.

Just because one team thinks two teams have a rivalry, doesn't make it a rivalry. And again, just because the greedy corporate pigs (I'm looking in your general direction, ESPN) make millions off of advertising it as such, doesn't make it a rivalry, either.

Duke and UNC in college basketball, however, is a PURE rivalry. It goes so much further than the game itself, for fans of both schools, and it is steeped in tradition, history, and true competetitiveness. The schools also produce some of the most amazing games ever played on a basketball court - year in, and year out.

when: 9:00 PM

Jay Bilas previews tonight's game (ESPN)

joining the club: Gene Wojciechowski goes from Duke hater to Duke fan (ESPN)

UPDATE: congrats to the Tar Heels and especially Tyler Hansbrough for fucking up Duke on Senior Night. J.J. Redick had the worst game of his entire career on his most important night, and Duke was embarrassed by their archnemesis.

Roy Williams should - hands down - be the National Coach of the Year.

The last time the Duke Men's Basketball team lost a big game on a Senior Night, they won a National Championship.

Let's see if history repeats itself... Duke is angry now, and heads will roll - hopefully.

ALSO: my post/reply to an idiot on the Duke Basketball Report Message Board (which won't be posted because I go off on a rant on them):


I have been reading these boards almost as long as you have been posting.

You are right about many things, but dead wrong on a few key points.

First of all, it is SICK that Marty Pocius hasn't gotten more time to develop his blatantly obvious offensive skills. He would be a great option on a Roy Williams squad, but on a Coach K squad, he wastes on the bench. Recruits will start seeing this, and they will stop coming to Duke (remember Kris Humphries, anyone?)

And the DBR better stop crying about "hey dude, watch what you say on these boards, recruits and parents read this!" Great for you DBR, here's a cookie. The last time I checked, this country was founded on the basic right of freedom of speech, and you guys abuse your power to no end. Get the hell out of here and go to France, Cuba, or Nazi Germany, you guys are missed in those places.

Anyway, Coach K is a an excellent recruiter and motivator. He is severely overrated as a tactician and developer of players. Having him as our Coach is a double-edged sword at times: without him, we would have 0 national championships. With a better tactical coach, Duke should easily have 6.

I also disagree about the UConn game in 2004. We were the better team that year, with more talent, with a dominant lead with few minutes to go, but we lost.... why is that?

If you think we got beat by the better team, you're dumber than I had previously thought. Coach K has constantly cost his teams with two incredibly obvious shortcomings: failure to manage the last 10 minutes of games with sizeable leads, and an absolutely arrogant and stubborn refusal to develop a freaking bench.

Tonight's loss was embarrassing to everyone associated with Duke University. And the only person to blame is none other than Coach K.

J.J. Redick has had a wonderful career for the ages. To blame anyone else BUT Coach K for how this team has imploded would be a travesty.

Oriole Way

Monday, February 27, 2006

The Top 11 Tennis Hotties

by Whitney

Welcome to a special post in light of the new year. We (FJDelgado and Whitney) have decided to collaborate to offer an accurate ranking of tennis females who grunt and split their way to masturbatory stardom. The criteria is composed of a variety of factors of beauty, body, brains, boobies, and tennis skill. Please sit back, grab a tissue, and enjoy the view.

#11. Karolina Sprem

We played anagrams with her name and came to the revelation that when you switch the "r" and the "e" you get the best name in tennis.

T#10. Jennifer Capriati and Amanda Coetzer
We grouped these 2 retired tennis stars because they are still boneable. JCap was the Drew Barrymore of tennis. She came out strong as as teenager and then snorted enough coke to kill a whole kindergarten class. But, all of a sudden she rose out of oblivion, stopped eating Ho-Hos and became the Comeback Kid. You would think JCap's burly arms would make us abstain in fright, but we, in fact, don't mind a girl who can spank...........the hell out of the tennis ball.

Amanda Coetzer
was known as the one of the best counterpunchers on the circuit. She was like a little dust buster bunny at a dimunitive 5 feet that would not give up. I give her where credit is due: her stamina.

#9. Daniela Hantuchova
She suffered the Anna Kournikova syndrome. She started winning, people thought she was hot, and then started losing. Despite the fact she needs a couple Big Macs in her, with a cute face, long legs, daddy puts you in the at #9.

Hmm..yes we also agree, Daniela, you are a hottie

#8. Tatiana Golovin This young woman (1988! SHIT!) brings a new meaning to the low rider. She does not fuck around when it comes to sagging her shorts.

Question of the Day: Where does the tennis ball go? Seriously.. ...imagine throwing a hot dog in a take the exact opposite.

#7. Ashley Harkleroad
Unfortunately American Ashley faded from the tennis scene. She is probably working at Panera bread as far as we know it. In her heyday, she was infamous for her extremely loud grunting and risque tennis-ware, pushing the bar as far as possible in terms of nudity. We give her #7 because we think that loud grunting has other applications off the court...

Damn Ashley you are a cutie. Now go make me a BLT sandwich. **Correction** she is still currently on the tour playing, so I overestimated the longevity of her career. I apologize for this mistake, but that doesn't mean you're off the hook with the BLT.

#6. Serena Williams
Much to most people's disgust we have placed a William sister on our hot list. After she got Punk'd, we immediately fell in love with her. She has something alluring with that sweet charming personality, which we believe mostly stems from those
gnimorous buttocks. She probably pays exorbitant property tax on that fine piece of real estate. You keep on fighting the good fight, Serena

I think som
eone gave JLo run for her money. Anyone who can play tennis with that type of padding in a catsuit deserves some kind of props. *Warning: Spanking that baby will apparently cause the next biggest earthquake.

Fernando will round up the top 5 in a later post. Sorry to give you guys blue balls. Stay tuned.

More blogs about hotties.

college basketball: J.J. Redick article, favorite athletes

ESPN has a good column on J.J. Redick, one of my all time favorite players. It does a decent job of looking at the evolution of his whole career thus far, comparing and contrasting his game at its current state to how it was his freshman and sophomore years at Duke.

My favorite players tend to be confident and cocky, the kind of players that frustrate and rile up their opponents, often bringing out the best and worst in their competitors. Kobe Bryant would be a huge exception, as I am biased against dumb people, and, even more so, rapists.

In many ways, Redick is a microcosm for the entire Duke basketball program: frequently the best, and always hated and respected by all.

Also, Redick - this past Sunday evening against Miami - surpassed the legendary Johnny Dawkins to become the #1 all-time leading scorer at Duke. He is set to break the all-time ACC scoring record against Temple this Saturday, barring catastrophe... the kid is just sick, and one of the best college players of all time.

a Washington Post article: Tony Kornheiser shows J.J. Redick some love.

UPDATE: Meet the ACC's new all time leading scorer:

top 5 NBA basketball players of all time
1. Michael Jordan
2. Larry Bird
3. Magic Johnson
4. Shaquille O'Neal
5. LeBron James

top 5 Duke players of all time
1. Johnny Dawkins
2. Elton Brand
3. Bobby Hurley
4. J.J. Redick
5. Christian Laettner (I hated him and rooted for Kentucky during the best tournament game ever played in 1992).

top 5 MLB baseball players of all time
1. Willie Mays
2. Brooks Robinson
3. Frank Robinson
4. Ty Cobb
5. Alex Rodriguez

top 5 NFL football players of all time
1. Johnny Unitas (you could set a watch to his haircut, sorry, Simpsons reference)
2. Gale Sayers
3. Joe Montana
4. Tony Siragusa (more because he's hilarious)
5. Todd Heap (he's a badass, and he's sort of a hero due to how ridiculously hot his wife is)

$30K Update (week 3)

by Shaun Poulin

So this past week hasn't gone as smoothly as the first week. I went downhill and my quest to 30k has been delayed as I have gone from just over $4k to just over $3k. A number of things contributed to me going downhill, not going to blame bad beats or anything like that because for the most part I didn't play my A game. Sure there were definitely a couple of hands that hurt along the way (AA vs. QQ in an $800 pot to see a Queen spike on river). Mostly though I just wasn't at 100%.

The biggest mistake I made this past week was playing over my bankroll's capacity. I played a plethora of games ranging from $1-$2 no-limit, to $20-$40 limit, and a couple of $500 sit-n-go's where I broke even. Anyway, I'll go back to staying within my bankrolls limits since I took a shot this past week and fell short.

I'll update again in about a week.

Bankroll at different dates: 2/13 $2,000 2/20 $4,044.08 2/27 $3,142.52
Total ROI%: 57.13% This past weeks ROI%: -22.29%

Sunday, February 26, 2006

By Request

By Request from my blogging boss FJ Delgado, here is Hurricane #1:

Step Into My World (mp3)

And this one is for this

"If you have a racist friend
Now is the time, now is the time for your friendship to end
Be it your sister
Be it your brother
Be it your cousin or your uncle or your lover
If you have a racist friend
now is the time, now is the time for your friendship to end"

Racist Friend (mp3-The Special AKA)