Monday, February 27, 2006

college basketball: J.J. Redick article, favorite athletes

ESPN has a good column on J.J. Redick, one of my all time favorite players. It does a decent job of looking at the evolution of his whole career thus far, comparing and contrasting his game at its current state to how it was his freshman and sophomore years at Duke.

My favorite players tend to be confident and cocky, the kind of players that frustrate and rile up their opponents, often bringing out the best and worst in their competitors. Kobe Bryant would be a huge exception, as I am biased against dumb people, and, even more so, rapists.

In many ways, Redick is a microcosm for the entire Duke basketball program: frequently the best, and always hated and respected by all.

Also, Redick - this past Sunday evening against Miami - surpassed the legendary Johnny Dawkins to become the #1 all-time leading scorer at Duke. He is set to break the all-time ACC scoring record against Temple this Saturday, barring catastrophe... the kid is just sick, and one of the best college players of all time.

a Washington Post article: Tony Kornheiser shows J.J. Redick some love.

UPDATE: Meet the ACC's new all time leading scorer:

top 5 NBA basketball players of all time
1. Michael Jordan
2. Larry Bird
3. Magic Johnson
4. Shaquille O'Neal
5. LeBron James

top 5 Duke players of all time
1. Johnny Dawkins
2. Elton Brand
3. Bobby Hurley
4. J.J. Redick
5. Christian Laettner (I hated him and rooted for Kentucky during the best tournament game ever played in 1992).

top 5 MLB baseball players of all time
1. Willie Mays
2. Brooks Robinson
3. Frank Robinson
4. Ty Cobb
5. Alex Rodriguez

top 5 NFL football players of all time
1. Johnny Unitas (you could set a watch to his haircut, sorry, Simpsons reference)
2. Gale Sayers
3. Joe Montana
4. Tony Siragusa (more because he's hilarious)
5. Todd Heap (he's a badass, and he's sort of a hero due to how ridiculously hot his wife is)


wallycrawler said...

If you look at what they did as pro football players OJ & Jim Brown belong on that list . If you look at what they did after retiring they should be taken off that list .
My dad would take me to Bills games and OJ was the best ball player I've ever seen . I've been until resently a Bills seasons ticket holder and seen the best since then and OJ is still the best . I hate that he is but he was great .What a fuck'n asshole though !

Shaun Poulin said...

Definitely have to question some of your picks. Siragusa?, Lebron James? Maybe James can be included in this group once his career is over, but far too early to consider him top 5 NBA player of all time just yet.

Shaun Poulin said...

Also, why did you hate Laettner? He fits your description of players you tend to like by being cocky and arrogant...

F.J. Delgado said...

Yo Shaun,

What's up with yor cell not working, by the way?

Anyway, I hated Laetnner because I was 11 at the time. I always grew up a UNC fan and Laettner struck me as brash and cocky. As I have become brash and cocky myself, I have grown to appreciate Laettner more.

As for Lebron, I agree, you're right, it's far too early to put him in the top 5, but I guess he's my fifth favorite player of all time.

either way, the kid is sick.

c said...

bill russel called, he wants to know if you can count the rings on his fingers.
your criteria - siragusa is "funny" and lebron is "sick" - is amusing, if nothing else :=)

Mflores said...

Random comments: Wheres the the Bambino? I know he's a Yankee, but the he belongs there. If Todd Heap is on the list for a hot looking wife, Tony Parker deserves an honorable mention for dating Eva Longoria. Maryland Top 5: 1a.) Len Bias 1b.) Juan Dixon (Yeah Hall) 3.) John Lucas 4.) Len Elmore 5.)Joe Smith 6.) Nik Caner-Medley <---(yeah right.)