Saturday, February 18, 2006

Peace Is Always The Word

Mr. Blog sez:

yo D, we miss you, Dawg...


I hope you start posting up again... I could definitely use MP3s from the Caesars - "My Heart Is Breaking Down", "Soulchaser", and "Paper Tigers" especially ... some a-hole stole my Paper Tigers CD,and I can't find the MP3's anywhere... any chance you have this baby?.

Also, I could definitely use Neil Young's "Good to See You" off of the Silver + Gold LP... I met up with a girl I have a crush on last night, and it was good to see her again... and I wish I could have the song again (again, CD was stolen.. I suck!).

Peace is the right way, sometimes not easy to achieve, and something we should keep in the forefront of our minds. Life is too short and is wasted fighting with your brothers and sisters.

My brother Fernando has been the most gracious host and hopefully will still let me guest on his cool poker writing music playing blog. I had to try again on my own since in the past I have felt that I could never get it right. So,
Indie Point Source was born. Let me know what you think and please visit both blogs often. We love you all....

Peace Attack (mp3-Sonic Youth-Sonic Nurse)

Devoured In Peace (mp3-The Cloud Room-S/T)

Love And Peace Or Else (mp3-U2-How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb)


essential MP3s: a shout out to all of my Jewish friends - Matisyahu Update


It looks like Matisyahu, as I predicted, will continue to blow up and be a smash hit, and a well-deserved one, at that.

the following is a recent Rolling Stone write up on Matisyahu:

Matisyahu is blowin' up

originally posted 1/4/04

this first song is VERY hot right now, if you don't listen to it, listen to it now, and you will immediately increase your coolness level:

Matisyahu - King Without a Crown (live) (MP3)

Matisyahu is a proud, motivated musician. I could be mistaken, but if I remember correctly, he has strong Jewish roots, and is a very purpose-driven, religious man. These are the kinds of people I respect most in life. He mixes his own style of singing with reggae and powerful lyrics. Very nice guitar work as well.



much thanks to the rock and roll Master: D, from Grey Will Fade for:

The High Dials - Soul in Lust (MP3)

The High Dials freaking rock hard, but they do it in a very melodic way. Think a happier Interpol.

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Sammy Sosa Sucks Hard

The awful, selfish Sammy Sosa has likely ended his baseball career. (ESPN article)

In a well-deserved display of public humiliation and shame, Sosa was widely reported to have considered a meager $500,000 non-guaranteed contract from the Washington Nationals.

I find all of this amusing, because, as of this moment, now the Baltimore Orioles have become an answer to a future sports trivia question:

What was the last team that steroid-injecting Sammy Sosa played for? ...

Friday, February 17, 2006

new Strokes: First Impressions of Earth

check out the following exclusive Strokes content @

Get First Impressions of Earth now, it rocks, and could quite possibly be their best record.

Finally, the Strokes pretty much nailed the production, and the songs are solid.

It's sweet to hear that those old school motown basslines and more complex drumming are finally back, Julian Casablancas' lyrics have improved exponentially (he also sounds clearer and more dynamic), and the two-part guitar interplay sounds fresh and exciting (recognizing of course that it's all derivative).

The bands I hear most when listening to this record: the Velvet Underground, Radiohead, the Doors, Pink Floyd, the Pixies, the Cars, the Stooges

Check out what both Family Guy and David Cross have used in their humor, and one of the most loved and hated bands to surface in a very long time.

The Strokes Review Archive

Is This It?

Room on Fire

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Monday, February 13, 2006

$30K Project (week 1)

by Shaun Poulin

So I’ve been devising a way to contribute to this blog in my own way, and here’s what I’ve come up with. I am starting my own $30K Project, with the goal to do simply that, build my online poker bankroll to $30K, and I’ll chronicle the progress on this site.

My goal is to update on here once a week, probably on Mondays.

I have no timeline in mind. I might be able to accomplish this in 2 months, maybe a year, or maybe I’ll fail miserably. It’s hard to say with me only being able to play a couple of hours in the evenings, and also with missed evenings when I’m at my girlfriend's house. If I was doing just this, and not work, I could probably do it in a couple of months.

I will mostly be playing on Party Poker under the name SPoulin if anyone wants to watch me in the evenings. I can usually be found playing in the Step Tournies under the Sit-n-Go section.

I’m going to be starting with $2K in my account. I considered starting with a lot less, such as $50, or $100… but I get so bored grinding out the micro-limit tables that I decided to start with the $2K.

Let the project begin!

Starting Bankroll Feb. 13, 2006: $2,000