Friday, March 31, 2006

The Rest Of The Request

Don't thank me for these tunes, thank my kind host FJ Delgado. I am a little late on posting them up but here they are...

Our Lady Of Peace
Spiritual Machines (2001)

In Repair (mp3)

Life (mp3)

Somewhere Out There/Bring Back the Sun (2003)

Somewhere Out There (mp3)

She Wants Revenge
S/T (2006)

Tear You Apart

Frederick Keys roster is set

and it is right here.

I'm looking forward to meeting the ballplayers on the team, and our pitching staff looks quite solid.

Frederick won their league in 2005.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Leo Mazzone gets inked up

Baltimore Orioles pitching coach Leo Mazzone recently got a tattoo under the supervision of newly acquired Kevin Millar. Millar is rapidly turning into one of my favorite current Orioles, which is pretty sad considering there are a ton of guys on the team that have been with the organization for several years.

Read Kevin Millar's blog/musings here.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Fuck Muslim Terrorists

... right in the ear.

Terrorists suck balls

The penalty for all Muslim terrorists who kill Americans should be sodomy by a group of convicts, instead of the traditional death penalty. It would be nicer if the sodomy were publically televised, and repeated once a year on their birthday for the rest of their human lives. Then maybe they would think twice about waging war.

Moussaui says he was to hijack 5th plane, to get the death penalty would be an honorable death

Lacrosse players are pricks

also: a Duke and NCAA athletic controversy has been a big sports story recently, as the Duke Men's Lacrosse team has been accused of raping a black woman. Regardless of what may or may not have happened, this article, written by a Duke woman with a good perspective, sheds light on the situation.

In my not so humble opinion, the Duke lax team has buried not only Duke here, but also all lacrosse players. Almost every single lacrosse player I have ever met is a flaming asshole, and I have met hundreds upon hundreds since my high school days. This debacle does nothing to change my opinion.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

NCAA officials are ignorant assholes, the NCAA and the Selection Committee are a bunch of stupid fuckheads...

... watching the end of the Washington/UConn game made me want to throw up. The NCAA is a disgrace to all of competitive sports.

How great of a manlover is Jim Calhoun? He must be pretty good in bed to get all those calls from the Zebras...
UPDATE: Congratulations to George Mason for knocking off one of the dirtiest programs and coaches in Division I basketball, the UConnvicts and Jim Calhoun... thank you, God!

the biggest upset in NCAA Tournament History (stellar ESPN column)

also: thanks to my Duke brother Brando for sending me this hilarious link to a flash clip that makes fun of Coach K and his ubiquitous presence on television commercials: check it out here