Monday, February 27, 2006

$30K Update (week 3)

by Shaun Poulin

So this past week hasn't gone as smoothly as the first week. I went downhill and my quest to 30k has been delayed as I have gone from just over $4k to just over $3k. A number of things contributed to me going downhill, not going to blame bad beats or anything like that because for the most part I didn't play my A game. Sure there were definitely a couple of hands that hurt along the way (AA vs. QQ in an $800 pot to see a Queen spike on river). Mostly though I just wasn't at 100%.

The biggest mistake I made this past week was playing over my bankroll's capacity. I played a plethora of games ranging from $1-$2 no-limit, to $20-$40 limit, and a couple of $500 sit-n-go's where I broke even. Anyway, I'll go back to staying within my bankrolls limits since I took a shot this past week and fell short.

I'll update again in about a week.

Bankroll at different dates: 2/13 $2,000 2/20 $4,044.08 2/27 $3,142.52
Total ROI%: 57.13% This past weeks ROI%: -22.29%

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