Wednesday, March 08, 2006

$30K Update (Week 4)

by Shaun Poulin

This past week has been relatively uneventful, but the results have been good.

I played pretty much only $2-$4 no-limit and was having a lot of fun doing so. I went up roughly $1,000 this past week, with 1/2 of it coming in one hand. Here's how it went down. I was playing at a six handed table and there were only three of us playing at the time. I had just over $5oo in front of me (Max buy-in is $400). Anyway, one of the players was playing super aggressive. He would put in a standard raise pre-flop, and then move all-in right after the flop with his full $500 to win the $25 in the pot. I definitely wasn't leaving the table, I was looking for a good opportunity to relieve this guy of his chips that he was so desperately trying to give away.

After about 15 minutes of this guy doing the same move, I get dealt AQ offsuit. He puts in his mandatory pre-flop raise, but he raises it a little more then usual making it $23 to go.....I wasn't quite sure what to make of this, but I was sure I wasn't going to lay my hand down pre-flop with only 3 of us. Surprisingly, the third player called as well. The flop was the most beautiful thing ever: KJT - all different suits.

The super aggressive player was the first to act and he did not let me down! He goes all-in after thinking for a fraction of a second after the flop. I delay a couple of seconds 1/2 hoping for a call from the third guy, but for that much money I was fairly confident he wasn't calling unless he had the same hand as me....Anyway I call player 3 folds, and super-aggressive player shows AA. My nuts on the flop are still the nuts by the river and I scooped up my first pot over $1,000 ever. Hopefully the next week goes smoothly; I'll update again next week.

Beg. Balance 2/3/2006: $2,000
2/27/2006: $3142.52 3/7/2006: $4163.26 Weekly ROI%: 32.48% Total ROI: 108.16%


Ken2003 said...

For the owner of this blog (because he reposts things, so shall all of us)

Oh MY GOD! You must be a genius! YOU actually said that DUKE was going to be BOTH GOOD and WHITE this year? HOLY FUCKING SHIT, you must be able to see into the future. DAMNIT! HOLY FUCKING SHIT, its fucking NOSTRADAMUS! WOW!

I predict the football team at TEMPLE UNIVERSITY will be both black and awful this year! Will someone pay me to make such predictions?!?! Tney won't? Well they must not recognize my or your genius!

I cant wait for when they lose in the elite 8 and you tell the world that YOU predicted exactly that! Why do you brag when you think youve predicted something correctly? Do you think that makes people think you're less of a psycopath? Because it sure doesnt work.

I like how you're blaming Coach K a little bit when you no doubt have called him the best college coach ever on no less than 24 occasions since the day you set foor in Durham.


Buying lotto tickets is now your only hope you laughingstock. Why dont you become skilled at something? You know, like a trade. Pipe-fitting, electrician, medical records billing specialist? Anything but poker. I bet your parents are really happy with their ROI on paying for your dumbass to get into Duke, even with your minority status, The only thing Latino (hispanic, whatever) about you in the absurd number of free-range children probably running around in your basement.

F.J. Delgado said...

Coach K IS the best active coach in all of college sports, currently... the only better college coach of all time is John Wooden.

I predicted a Final Four run from Duke in November. I still believe that, but a loss earlier would not be surprising at all. The team is way too dependent on its 2 best players.

For a while, I fooled myself into thinking Duke had best team in the country.

That best team, right now, is certainly UConn.

Shaun Poulin said...

Don't people realize that there are several contributing writers to this blog.....Or are they too stupid to look at who submitted each article.

Ken2003 said...


Uh, yes. Read the post again, moron.