Thursday, January 12, 2006

an MP3 intro to Hot Hot Heat, the Killers vs. HHH

to: all the pretty college girls
from: an Orioles and Ravens kid

MP3: Hot Hot Heat - "Talk to Me, Dance With Me"

BONUS: this song features a fucking cowbell! if Blue Oyster Cult, Christopher Walken and Will Ferrell have taught us anything, it's that EVERY song could use some more cowbell.

MP3: Hot Hot Heat - "Middle of Nowhere"

MP3: Hot Hot Heat - "Bandages" my personal fave, listen for the SICK drumming throughout the tune, as well as for the cool harmonic guitar work

MP3: Hot Hot Heat - "You Owe Me an IOU"

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I saw these guys live not too long ago at Sonar in Baltimore, MD. They put on an amazingly disgusting show, rocking hard and making all the college girls there quite hot and bothered.

my Letter Never Sent review of the HHH show.

let me know what you guys think... I think Hot Hot Heat are in the same group of bands as the Killers. In fact, I contend Hot Hot Heat is the college answer to the current (more popular) Kings of Rock. I would go so far as to say that HHH are R.E.M. to the Killers' U2.

the Killers vs. Hot Hot Heat

lead singer: The Edge: Killers
guitarist: edge: Hot Hot Heat
bass player: edge: Hot Hot Heat
drummer: slight edge: Hot Hot Heat


c said...

i think HHH are the spandau ballet to the killers' duran duran. (but maybe i'm dating myself too much....:=)

wallycrawler said...

Love HHH ! Not Hunter Hurst Helmsley , Hot Hot Heat . A Good Old Canadain Band . Gotta love em !

F.J. Delgado said...

call me an idiot (which i am), but i'm a sucker for a lot of duran duran's songs.

especially that album that had the bride and the groom on the cover (forgot the name).

call me a pansy, but i really like "Ordinary World", "Too Much Information", "White Lines", "Rio", "Notorious", etc. they're pretty cool tunes.

New Order (and U2) is the bomb when it comes to techno rock trailblazing, but Duran Duran is a pretty f'ing badass guilty pleasure.

c said...

dude i loved duran duran back in the day. i would never call you a pansy. brandon flowers on the other hand....

D said...

Bro, agree HHH are in the same league as Killers but better.
I am still here Bro and visit your site daily!


F.J. Delgado said...

sup D!

i was wondering where you had disappeared to... hope all is well with the fam and the rock.

c + d: thanks for visiting and supporting me since the very beginning

wally: Canadians have always had a rich rock history (see: the Band, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell), but there's a very cool scene developing with Wolf Parade, Hot Hot Heat, and Chris Carrabba from Dashboard Confessional - in terms of hanging out up there w/ Robbie Robertson - leading the way up in the Great North.

hope you cashed in w/ the Blue Devils last weekend against UMD!