Sunday, November 20, 2005

another stellar (2) show(s): We Are Scientists/Hot Hot Heat and the Oranges Band 11/19 @ Sonar in Baltimore, MD

I'll have a full review, including a couple of the pictures I took, of both shows coming up soon.

Hot Hot Heat are from Canada, and I wasn't terribly familiar with their stuff going into the show, with the exception of their singles, which I've always found catchy and fun.

about the band (from their official website)

Unfortunately, I only caught the very end of We Are Scientists set (I got held up), which was upsetting because I could tell I would have loved them. There were a total of three bands, with the Heat finishing the night in a somewhat jovial, intense, dancing kind of way. They are a part of what I call the Rhythm Guitar Movement. They fucking rocked.

I can only describe Hot Hot Heat's sound as a happier Interpol, or a more serious Franz Ferdinand. Or to be even more accurate, a more talented (but currently less successful in terms of album sales) version of the Killers.

The highlight of the night was the main set closer, a strong "Bandages" with a little confetti explosion. The light show was also cool throughout the evening, as it wasn't too ostentatious nor distracting, but supplemented the music quite well.

The Heat are the kind of band that guys like because they rock, and cute college girls like because they make them dance.

The Oranges Band are a Baltimore, MD based rock band.

After the show, I spoke with the lead singer of the band for a split second. As it it turns out, he graduated from my high school in 1994. Sounding a lot like the Smiths, early R.E.M., early U2, and the Violent Femmes, the Oranges Band put on a great show for a smaller but still solid crowd of about 100 people, which for a 12:30 am show ain't bad.

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more to come

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Awesome! Hot Hot Heat, Oranges Band, you have been rockin it out Brother!