Wednesday, January 11, 2006


so sorry, Maryland fans, but Duke doesn't care, never has, never will.

Socrates would ask:

How many national championships does Maryland have? How many ACC titles? How many NPOTY? How many NBA players starting for NBA teams? Who winds up having more games broadcast on national TV, Duke, or Maryland? Which team makes corporate, capitalist America more cash money, Duke, or Maryland?

Take off your rose-colored glasses and answer the damn questions. Let's be objective here.

Win or lose tonight on national TV, Maryland is the red-headed stepchild of the ACC... just because a blind squirrel... you know how the saying goes.

Win or lose tonight, Duke will be pumped up and angry. This makes them dangerous.

Don't expect J.J. Redick and Shelden Williams to both have bad games. One of the two seniors, or both, will go off. Sean Dockery will be a key, and DeMarcus Nelson could come flying off the bench in the second half to put this sucker out of reach for good.

Expect a close game (10 points or less), or a 30-point embarrasment.

Either way... when's that UNC game again??



Robert said...

I'll give you the national championships, NOPOY, ACC titles, but quality NBA pros, I have to defend for Maryland.

The recent pros of Francis, Wilcox, Dixon, Blake, Baxter and Joe Smith match up quite well with Brand, Hill, Maggette, Langdon and Battier.

WK said...

u forgot shavlik randolph

F.J. Delgado said...

did you guys hear about Travis Garrison turning himself in for a sexual harrassment incident on Oct. 27 in College Park? oops

there is a waste of talent, i feel bad for Gary having to put up with it, but not for Maryland fans... not one bit.

on a related note, i took a picture with Linda and James C. Gist, Jr.- parents of James Gist #15 - after the Duke thrashing at Cameron Indoor. he should be a solid pro in the NBA someday.


CaptBinky said...

I love hindsight, it's always perfect. Prior to this game (which I will be the first to admit, was a blowout), Maryland had beaten Duke 3 consecutive times. And Maryland is the only team to have any sort of continued success at Cameron, with several wins there over the last 5 years or so.

So does that make Maryland Duke's rival? Of course not, according to Duke fans. If Maryland had won, Duke fans would have stated that UM is not their rival in what would be their only rebuttal to crazed UM fans. Since Duke won, their fans can claim that UM is not competitive enough to be a rival.

I don't know Coach K personally, but I would lay money on him lecturing his team beforehand that UM is the only team that has beaten them easily in the recent past, and the only team that has embarrased them on their home floor. I have no doubt that Duke played so well, and that the Krazies were so effective precisely BECAUSE they all viewed UM has their biggest rival.

Sure, UNC has the history with Duke, and that counts for a lot. But with the exception of last year, Duke's road to ACC glory has had to go through College Park and the Turtle. I would think that knowledgeable Duke fans would respect that accomplishment and respect UM has a worthy adversary.

Apparently not though. Once Duke fans breathed their enormous sigh of relief after having broken a 3 game losing streak, they can sit back and claim that they were never concerned.