Monday, November 28, 2005

poker and life: meeting people is easy

to quote the Radiohead film of the same name.

But, I consider 95% of everyone I've ever meet and ever will meet so ordinary and scared of life that I sometimes find myself wanting to vomit out of sheer boredom (isn't that something out of Fight Club or Seven?).

A fellow poker pro, Keith, recently wrote about high school reunions, rather accurately summing up my thoughts on post-educational life, as well as how other "normal" people perceive us.

Keith's blog is called Caught Up in the Craze and can be found under the "Cool Kids" section in the left-hand column.

I'd rather be dead broke and happy than average, somewhat well off, and unhappy. Just speaking for myself here. Obviously, the key to my life is figuring out what happens to me when I'm dead broke and homeless and all my friends abandon me.

You'll find me either dead or a millionaire before I take a job at the local Walmart.


Keith said...

"I'd rather be dead broke and happy than average, somewhat well off, and unhappy."

Me too... this played a large part in my decision to just play live poker instead of online. Online, there is probably more money to be had, but I just find live poker way more enjoyable. Also, this philosophy is why I quit my job to play in the first place.

D said...

Yup, agree dead broke but happy beats the hell out of the alternative! love that grant gee flick too!