Sunday, November 27, 2005

I might lose my hearing eventually, the Brits finally get it right

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss: A Scary Problem and the Possible Ways to Prevent It

This is a cool article, mostly because it manages to mention some of my favorite bands/artists of all time (R.E.M., the Who, Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews Band, Neil Young, the Beatles)

the slow, steady decline of hearing in Americans, and what we should do to prevent it (we should listen to our friends Rolling Stone magazine, they're cool dudes)

This article reveals alot about our culture and society in general (in other words, we Americans are a loud bunch of A-holes). Theodore Roosevelt was right on, the symbol of our great nation should have really been the Grizzly Bear (instead of the Bald Eagle).

In addition, it's quite well researched and nicely written; the journalist interviewed a Johns Hopkins physician in order to get a cutting-edge viewpoint.

The really sad thing is that, when I was 18, I had my ears checked out by an audiologist because I was worried about this exact thing happening to me. I was told by the doctor that my hearing was perfect, but I had a feeling that I had been misdiagnosed through no fault of his own.

They Love Their Alcohol in the UK

Courtesy of my friend CausticAndy, apparently the drunkards in London are finally giving in to their inner urges and keeping bars open a little later.

come follow us to the London Gymnasium! (CNN article)

I gotta be honest here: this is a great play by British legislators and bar owners. Drunken fights and deaths will become slightly more commonplace, but more in terms of the hours you'll find Frank the Tanks starting fights (instead of fights happening at 11pm sharp, they'll spread out to later hours of the night).

In the short run, incidents will probably go up, but the long run numbers should subside to pre-party law rates. Expect less trips to the local Home Depot (or whatever it is they have in England) whenever Londoners have a big Saturday afternoon planned.

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