Wednesday, November 30, 2005

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Dave Matthews Band
Under the Table and Dreaming

Dave Matthews Band

Dave Matthews Band
Before These Crowded Streets

Dave Matthews Band

Dave Matthews Band
Busted Stuff

Dave Matthews Band
Stand Up

favorite song: "One Sweet World"

MP3's (for SUPER FAST connections only):

an awesome live version of "One Sweet World" from about 10 years ago: "One Sweet World" (live) (MP3) (this one has a long instrumental intro; the actual song starts at the 3:39 mark)

a beautiful version of "One Sweet World," Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds-style: "One Sweet World" (Dave and Tim acoustic) (MP3)

"#41," the #4 all time DMB song: "#41" (MP3)

top 11 Dave Matthews Band songs of all time:

1. "Grey Street"
2. "Two Step"
3. "Ants Marching"

4. "#41"
5. "Warehouse"
6. "You Never Know"
7. "All Along the Watchtower" (Bob Dylan live cover)
8. "Bartender"
9. "Halloween"
10. "Tripping Billies"
11. "Dancing Nancies"

honorable mention: "What You Are," "Grace is Gone" (especially the slower live version), "Rapunzel"

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Bob F. said...

Thanks for the primer...I've totally ignored Dave other than what I've heard on the radio...I'm working at his shows in NYC in a few weeks for The One Campaign, so now I know what to listen for!

c said...

i liked dave my sophomore year in college.
"the song that jane likes" - that was my fave tune.
i haven't listened to him in ages, but he seems like a good guy.