Sunday, November 13, 2005

the Letter Never Sent Random Sports Minute

Orioles try to stay classy, tell Palmeiro, Sosa to get the hell out of town. This move is simple addition by subtraction.

I love how the ESPN article linked above starts out, "In a move that comes as a surprise to no one, . . ."

Congratulations to the Duke Blue Devils Men's Soccer team, which beat rival North Carolina in penalty kicks today to win the 2005 ACC title.

Wow, the Ravens really freaking suck. I find it appropriate that Byron Leftwich crushed us almost singlehandedly, seeing that I've always thought, ever since I watched the 2003 NFL Draft as it happened (which if I remember correctly was also the year The Minnesota Vikings commited one of the funniest oopsies I've seen in Classy Sports History when they just completely missed their draft pick by taking longer than the alloted 15 minutes - what?!?), we should have traded up even higher to draft Leftwich instead of Kyle Boller as our QB of the future (Brian Billick can't tell the difference between quarterback talent and his big fat head).

At this point, the entire team needs to be blown up. Not even drafting Matt Leinart in the 2006 Draft could make us slightly competitive next year.

Oh well, at least I can STILL laugh about the controversy caused by those Carolina Panthers cheerleaders - way to go, UNC-Charlotte!.

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