Tuesday, November 15, 2005

off to Durham, NC

Flying down to Duke for a couple of days to visit my sis, catch a basketball game, check out a concert, and have a few drinks. Should be a fun time.

coming up: Duke ----> poker night/guitar jamming ----> Capote ----> Hot Hot Heat/We Are Scientists 11/19 @ Sonar in Baltimore, MD (w/ the Oranges Band playing a separate show at the same place, how sick is that?) ----> Atlantic City, NJ -----> Ted Leo/Pharmacists 11/21 @ Ottobar in Baltimore, MD ----> Thanksgiving

"what the F was that, ref?!? that was a freaking charge and you know it. i'm going to own you!!!"


c said...

we are scientists = cool, cool, cool.
your sister goes to duke? she must be smart.

F.J. Delgado said...

hey c... yeah I've been listening to a couple WAS songs, and I'm thinking they might turn out to be better than Hot Hot Heat (nothing against the Heat, they have a ton of cool, catchy songs: "bandages, bandages...").

my sis is definitely a smart cat. much smarter than me, especially in terms of common sense, even though I went to the same school.

peace (from Durham)

c said...

oh, i see - so you are smart, too.
too bad you missed most of WAS - i love those guys.
and don't shoot me, but i was a huge tarheel fan growing up - i'm a soccer player and i worshipped mia hamm, etc. etc.