Thursday, May 04, 2006

Pearl Jam and Tool record reviews: Rock and Roll is back... for a day, at least

Pearl Jam
Pearl Jam

10,000 Days

I have been thoroughly enjoying the new records from Pearl Jam and Tool, Pearl Jam and 10,000 Days, respectively. They've both been great company on my nearly two hours of driving time to and from Frederick these past couple of days.

By the way, definitely feel free to consider this "Pearl Jam and Tool Week" for this blog.

Quick summary: new PJ is one of their best records, period. Not as good as Ten or Vs., but still a five star album - and before anyone asks, "How can one 5-star album be worse than another 5-star album?", let me say that I think of scores for records from 1 to 100, with anything above a 95 getting a 5-star rating. It's also worth noting that, in my book, a lackluster Pearl Jam album is better than pretty much any other record you could ever buy.

Even though Pearl Jam is a classic, and superior to 10,000 Days, I find myself addicted to the new Tool and listening to it more. I'm just constantly amazed at the complexity, mystery, and pure anger behind Tool's songs.

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c said...

big thumbs up on the pearl jam album.
i guess i need to actually listen to tool before saying i don't "get" them, but i'm pretty sure that's the case ;)