Monday, May 01, 2006

new Tool tomorrow: May 2

One of my favorite bands currently recording is Tool.

the band members are:

Danny Carey - drums
Justin Chancellor - bass guitar
Maynard James Keenan - vocals
Adam Jones - guitar

Highly adored by their fans, Tool's brand of guitar-heavy rock music proves to also be lowly accessible to the mass-consuming, music-buying public; let's just say that their music is considered extremely "loud" and "angry", and "only dudes seem to like it".

The musical virtuosity and synchronicty of their songs is what makes the band great. Danny Carey and Justin Chancellor are an incredible rhythm section, and both can be counted among the best at their respective instruments. Carey is often cited as one of the most talented rock drummers in the world.

Tool is a band I wish recorded far more material (just 4 LP's in about 12 years).

Their new record is entitled 10,000 Days, and it's due out May 2nd. "Vicarious", the lead single, while sounding like several of their other radio tracks ("The Grudge", "Schism", "Stinkfist"), is nevertheless a strong song, featuring metal guitarwork and drum hits during the closing seconds which harken Metallica's classic opus "One".

Pearl Jam's self-titled record comes out the very same day, so I'll be a happy camper at the record store tomorrow.

Two 90's powerhouse bands releasing highly anticipated albums? Count me in.

Both Tool and Pearl Jam have reputations for sick, exciting live shows. I can vouch for the latter first-hand, but I cannot - as of yet - safely say that I've witnessed the Tool live experience.

Speaking of the devil, I'm going to try to catch Tool in Philadelphia on May 17th, and Pearl Jam in DC on May 30th. The summer concert season in 2006 is looking like a great one.

more to come...

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