Sunday, March 12, 2006

Requests for merz

Any chance of getting quick MP3s from the hot new records of ANY of the following bands:

the Strokes
Arctic Monkeys
She Wants Revenge

These babies are so hot right now, I figure that labels are hunting down bloggers to make examples of them... I need more COWBELL, baby!

also, would you be able to post any:

Talking Heads (specifically "Burning Down the House," "Road to Nowhere," "And She Was," or "Once in a Lifetime")
Our Lady Peace (I'm doing a write-up on these guys because I have been listening to them a ton recently, was hoping for 192 kbs versions of "Superman's Dead," "Starseed," "Clumsy," "4am" or "Naveed")
Burning Brides ("Arctic Snow," or any of the "singles" from their last album would rock)


Anonymous said...

brother delgado, absolutely will do! I will try to get them up tomorrow evening after work. I just posted up on mars and need to get some other work done. I hope that isn't too late... Also, will try for later tonight if I can stay awake...
peace Bro,


F.J. Delgado said...


thanks a ton brotha...

take your time, I was just wondering if i could take advantage of your resources, thank you again in advance!

The Monitors said...

I have a bunch of OLP shit if anyone wants me to send it to them. When I went to their U.S. album release extravaganza for Gravity I tried to kiss Raine, but the dorky-but-talented drummer pushed me off of him.

F.J. Delgado said...

dude, if you have any high quality album versions of the tunes i mentioned, hook a brotha up.