Wednesday, January 25, 2006

You Know The One

You know the one. You pick it out from the store shelf with that feeling that you have hit gold. You shell out the $15 with some trepidation (cause you know it would have been cheaper by mail or the Indie kids' endorsed iTunes) and immediately upon leaving the store struggle to tear the wrapper off the fucker. You jump in the car hit the CD button and load it up. The volume is adjusted to 11 and you are enveloped in the sound of something you will always cherish. You know this doesn’t happen often so you savor every track and it is your constant play for the next week at least.

Well, the fucker I am talking about is
Comet Gain’s new release ‘City Fallen Leaves’ (Kill Rock Stars). Maybe it is how I was brought up on rock ‘n roll? Growing up in the sixties and listening to my oldest brothers record collection (when he wasn’t around to catch me). The Beatles, The Kinks, The Stones – I grew up on British rock ‘n roll. Maybe that is why I am a sucker for those cockney tinged vocals, that Merseybeat sound. Turned on by Comet Gain’s excellent 2002 release ‘Realistes’ I was setup, I knew I was in for a ride with ‘City Fallen Leaves’. Taking everything that was good from those days of yore, polishing them up but leaving that sweet production feel, the Gain deliver the goods over and over. Yes, it feels, sounds like something from the past but it is even more relevant today in a sometimes over commercialized cultural wasteland of music we survive in. I love this band, I love their music and best of all I love that British (English) accent over the top of those keen guitars, pianos, organs --- I love it all.

Thank God for Comet Gain….

This one is classic Comet Gain all the way….

Bored Roar (mp3)

I will try to be happy…..

Draw A Smile Upon An Egg (mp3)

The punk got fucked by his bad luck…

The punk got fucked (mp3)

This one wavers, bends and then kicks it at the 2 minute mark..

This English Melancholy (mp3)



F.J. Delgado said...

wow, these are amazing... "Bored Roar" and "The Punk Got Fucked" are badass... feels like what it must have been like to hear the Kinks or the Clash for the first time - in the 60's and 70's, respectively.

these guys remind me a bit of the Libertines, and there's another band I can't think of that are really snobby and worship the Specials, New Order, Stones, the Clash, etc... you know what band that is? anyone?

anyway, thanks for the money intro, D!

Intellectual_Steve said...

"Bored Road" is awesome -
I also liked the ramp up in "This English Melancholy"

D said...

steve, yeah my fav too.. Was listening to them this am on the ride to work. Glad you like em Bro!