Sunday, January 29, 2006

Deep Thoughts - courtesy of Chris Duhon

13. [Today] is the fifth anniversary of the huge comeback game against Maryland at Cole Field House, where you guys scored 10 points in 54 seconds to force overtime before winning. What do you remember still about it?

Duhon: The best memory, for me, is coming out of the timeout with the whole stadium on their feet, screaming "O-ver-ra-ted, o-ver-ra-ted!" The whole crowd. I'm walking with Jay [Williams], and there were two guys – Maryland fans – in the front row who get up a the same time and wave at them to be quiet and say, "It's not over yet." And Jay kind of looked at me and winked and then, 50-some seconds later, we were going into overtime.

Duke ESPN.COM Simulated Final Fourcast

Redick, Williams are a devastating Batman and Robin combo (

#2 Duke and J.J. Redick demolish Virginia (Duke Basketball Report), 82-63 (Diesel, you owe me an Irish Car Bomb!)

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