Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Bad People and Bad Friends...

deserve to be exposed for who they are.

Normally, I wouldn't like to give bad human beings exposure in this manner, but one of my good friends happens to be Jewish, and this site is NOT cool:


Racism sucks, pure and simple. The asshole who runs the site, Bill White (from what I understand his real name), could probably use some bad exposure thrown his way.

This reminds me of those sick NAMBLA jerks from a few months ago. It's all the same: hate, and hate sucks. I like to hate the game, though, so I'm going to play it that way.

Don't mess with my friends.


Anonymous said...

Its amazing that people still think this wa in our society. What is more amazing is that I was friends with Bill White, who runs overthrow.com for five years... close friends . Here's the kicker . . . I am jewsish. According to this site I am a kike. Fernando himself is a spic, and our mutual friend brian is a gook . Can you really believe idiots like this still exist in this country ? A country that, according to the US census should have a majority hispanic popoulation in 40 years ? Although these ignorant fools are nor real threat it churns your stomach to think they are still out there .

F.J. Delgado said...

i ABSOLUTELY agree... this kid Bill White better keep to himself, because in the real world, racism doesn't quite exactly cut it when it comes to being a fully functional member of society.

CaptBinky said...

Kind of ironic that Bill WHITE runs this site. For all the benficial uses of the internet, it's a shame that small-minded people who have nothing better to do but hate a large group of people can find a voice for their ignorance. I have heard that white-power groups have used the internet to band together across geographic distances. If that is true, I hope the FBI has a bunch of agents working round the clock monitoring sites which endorse this kind of garbage. With numbers come confidence, and with confidence comes terrorism.