Wednesday, November 09, 2005

off to AC, another new contributor

photo courtesy "archangel" @ Two Plus Two

I'll be heading to Atlantic City for a brief stint of poker and drinking at the Borgata with my pal Intellectual Steve. I hope Annie the Hottie Dealer (from the Babes of the Borgata 2005 calendar, pictured above) deals at my 40/80 table like last time.

This trip will be centered more on having fun than pure poker, so it'll be interesting to see if I get drunk and manage to piss off an entire table of players, like many, many times before.

It's actually quite possible those Coronas on the right were for me.

The Borgata fires fat chicks, stays classy

In site news, we're having yet another smartass join Letter Never Sent. He is known in some circles as Captain Fun. Hopefully he'll start posting soon, as he's a great writer with a hilarious sense of humor.

In honor of this AC jaunt, some philosophically deep AC/DC:

"... and while you're out there
sitting on the fence
get off your ass and come down here

cuz rock and roll
ain't no riddle, man
to me it makes
good, good sense

rock and roll ain't noise pollution
rock and roll will never die
rock and roll ain't no pollution
rock and roll
it will survive, yes it will"

- AC/DC, "Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution"

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D said...

shite, them 2 coronas look decent but them 2 melons on the left look a whole lot better.... :-)