Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Smokin' Italian Hottie, Erin Andrews and the ESPN Hotties

I really have to mention the fairly gorgeous Giada de Laurentiis from the Food Network. Hands down the best hottie chef in the history of television, the fact she's Italian and makes good food is even better. She sort of looks like a prettier, more-endowed, and more voluptuous Natalie Portman. However, she's 35, so makeup and botox could be playing cruel jokes on my eyes. The best thing about her show, though, is the production and music. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills, but I swear that the film and music they use is exactly like the film and soundtracks only seen/ heard in high-end pornos. Needless to say, it makes for slightly uncomfortable, wonderfully bizarre viewing.


Also, there have been a few notable ESPN reporter hotties catching my eye recently (mostly because the network usually doesn't have any), filling the void left behind by the beautiful Melissa Stark. The top 3 prospects would have to be Erin Andrews (bonus points: went to Florida - regardless of your football allegiances, the girls at UF are bangin - and was on the dance team there), Rachel Nichols (it has been pointed out that she never blinks during her segments), and giving a fellow Latina the benefit of the doubt, Colleen Dominguez.

By the way, side note on Erin Andrews: During a recent broadcast of the Atlanta Braves/ Houston Astros Divisional Series, Andrews was doing a sideline report. This was the game that broke the record for longest playoff game in history, going 18 innings. She mentioned that Braves 3rd baseman Chipper Jones gave her a look (read: flirtatous) and made fun of her because she missed her flight to Atlanta on account of the absurd extra innings. ESPN then cut to Jones, who is notorious for nailing what must be hundreds of women and siring a highly numerous amount of illegitimate offspring.

Chances he's already banged Erin Andrews: 85%.

Erin Andrews
Rachel Nichols

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