Friday, October 21, 2005

Casting for HBO series The Wire calls FJDelgado, intense negotiations begin

I sent an e-mail recently to the people doing casting for The Wire, which is a highly-acclaimed police drama shot on-location in Baltimore on HBO. I got a voicemail from a lady named Sareva asking me to call back. Seeing as I've always wanted to be an extra on a good TV show, I did just that.

Before making the call, I told myself that I have to mean business if I want to ensure my place in the Pantheon of Hollywood Greatness (this will happen precisely when hell freezes over and the Philadelphia Eagles win a Super Bowl).

The Wire's HBO Site

I dialed the number provided in the message, and was told the location in Baltimore where they will be shooting. I was very polite and cordial, making sure to say "yes" and "I understand" to all the questions. I think I was able to emphatically, yet gently convey that I won't be pushed around.

It turns out that the casting company involved in getting idiots like me as extras did casting for Syriana (upcoming Soderbergh, Clooney produced CIA film starring George Clooney, Matt Damon, Chris Cooper and hottie Amanda Peet), Invasion (new Nicole Kidman flick set in Baltimore which is currently filming), the hilarious Wedding Crashers, and The Wire.

My call time (whatever that means, if I even remember correctly) is 6:30 am. It's a brutal time for me, but I'll have to make a sacrifice for a trivial event which could be a lot of fun. (Latinos are creatures of the night, we are not known for our go-get-em attitude as the sun rises, much preferring siestas, multiple lunch breaks, and frequent holidays - this is nothing new, as our night-time exploits have been a tradition carried over the Atlantic Ocean from the Mother Country centuries ago).

I gave my vital info, and was informed not to wear red, white, yellow, or orange, or neon colors (well what the hell am I supposed to wear?! Excuse me while I go visit the Gothic Dress Boutique). They also took great interest in my car, explicitly saying they want any color but white (wonderful, two of my family's cars are stark white).

I'll be borrowing my brother's silver Jetta, fully expecting the car to be showcased in my stead. Even if I don't get a second of screentime as a pedestrian tying his shoes before a liquor store holdup, then maybe the Delgado Jetta will live on in cable TV History.

I'll share the experience, however underwhelming, after I get back.

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adspar said...

i thought about signing up to do this after bro told me about it, but was too lazy to bother. maybe if you have fun i'll do it. it seems like it has great potential to be amazingly boring.