Saturday, March 31, 2007

Greg Oden the man-child

How in the hell is this guy a teenager?? Image courtesy of a hilarious caption from The Onion. (Greg Oden On Final Four Appearance: 'I'm Happier Than I've Been In 30 Years')

MP3: Neil Young - "Old Man"


wallycrawler said...

That's just fucked up man !

Leon said...

Sorry this is offtopic f.j. but do you remember when you submitted to blogarama and how long it took?

Several people have asked me about the site. I haven't submitted my blogs because the site seems a mess.

F.J. Delgado said...

Hey Leon - I don't quite remember how long it took, but I seem to remember it taking a while.

I'm listed there, so eventually it must have worked, but I also remember having similar impressions.

Yo Wally!

Isn't Oden ridiculous looking? Honestly, the dude could easily pass for 40 years old. He seems to be a nice kid though... apparently people are always asking his mom to see his birth certificate.