Saturday, February 18, 2006

Peace Is Always The Word

Mr. Blog sez:

yo D, we miss you, Dawg...


I hope you start posting up again... I could definitely use MP3s from the Caesars - "My Heart Is Breaking Down", "Soulchaser", and "Paper Tigers" especially ... some a-hole stole my Paper Tigers CD,and I can't find the MP3's anywhere... any chance you have this baby?.

Also, I could definitely use Neil Young's "Good to See You" off of the Silver + Gold LP... I met up with a girl I have a crush on last night, and it was good to see her again... and I wish I could have the song again (again, CD was stolen.. I suck!).

Peace is the right way, sometimes not easy to achieve, and something we should keep in the forefront of our minds. Life is too short and is wasted fighting with your brothers and sisters.

My brother Fernando has been the most gracious host and hopefully will still let me guest on his cool poker writing music playing blog. I had to try again on my own since in the past I have felt that I could never get it right. So,
Indie Point Source was born. Let me know what you think and please visit both blogs often. We love you all....

Peace Attack (mp3-Sonic Youth-Sonic Nurse)

Devoured In Peace (mp3-The Cloud Room-S/T)

Love And Peace Or Else (mp3-U2-How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb)


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F.J. Delgado said...

Sonic Youth and U2 were trailblazers for their respective generations of rock bands, and they each had a wildly unique sound.

I've heard that the members of each band are super-nice people, and their connections to my fave band, R.E.M., can't hurt, either.

Which reminds me, I have to link Sonic Youth and a couple other bands to the "Bands that Matter" list...

PEACE brotha', thanks for the songs, as always!