Tuesday, June 20, 2006

NBA Champs

"i clearly don't belong anywhere near here," says a hideously out of place Jason Williams (cracker in the lower left corner) surrounded by other players who actually made meaningful contributions to Miami's title run.

Congrats to the Miami Heat for winning the NBA Championship in 6 games over the Dallas Mavericks.

This fourth ring vindicates Shaquille O'Neal, who has brought home the championship he promised Miami fans two years ago when he arrived to the Heat from the Lakers. This further makes Kobe Bryant - one of my most hated sports figures - look bad, since the Lakers have gone downhill ever since the Big Aristotle bolted for greener pastures.

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rocknrollstar said...

Cuban must be pissed (coz' money can't buy you NBA Championship love) !!! What a great comeback for the Heat! I'll take South Beach over Dallas any day. Good for them...

Now with NBA and NHL done, there's only MLB and World Cup until Wimbeldon... sweet!

- Steve