Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Summer Blockbusters

Very brief reviews of a couple of big movies I've seen in the past couple weeks:

Mission: Impossible 3

I thought this one was the best of the franchise (M:I2 was awful and the first was entertaining). Even though I hate Tom Cruise almost as much as cancer, I was impressed by the action scenes and the cast did a fine job as far as popcorn action movies go.

The Da Vinci Code

Not sure why all the critics hung this movie in their reviews. I found it suspenseful and adequately-acted, with some occasional cheesy dialogue and the sometimes overbearing soundtrack score being my only complaints. Ian McKellan was great, as usal. And how can you go wrong with Tom Hanks? As long as you don't look too critically into the story and take it for what it is, which is pure fiction, you'll enjoy this one.


Kelvin said...

I have not seen either movie - yet, but one day, I will.

cc said...

I didn't read Da Vinci code, but I thought it was great. MI:III I liked but it was a bit narcissistic in my book. I'd prefer that it return to more of an ensemble genre rather than just a Cruise flick.

c said...

totally agree on the davinci code......haven't seen mr. cruise's flick yet, though. i like those reviews - short and to the point.