Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Monitors Post Archive

"This kid looks GOOD!!"
- local news anchorman Ron Burgundy on The Monitors' dashing good looks

"Are you talking about that drunk guy that was walking around Adam's Morgan last night with aviator sunglasses on? Um, yeah, I guess I would have sex with him..."
- random drunk, somewhat slutty DC girl answering a reporter's question regarding The Monitors

"Yes... absolutely. Sometimes I do worry that The Monitors will perish before the age of 27, but that's honestly the main reason I love going out of my way to hang out with the guy whenever he's touring a region or town near me!"
- anonymous friend

"I'm The Monitors... I'm the stylish one of the group..."
- The Monitors

"that Monitors guy is so HOT right now!"
- Jacobin Mugatu from Zoolander

a bad day for Caesar

ask Andrew W.K.

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a crash course in indie music

a controversial post - a rumination on my access to porn

Kid You'll Move Mountains

Songs That Filled Me With Abject Rage

Well, that was a mindfuck: A story of a viewing of the film "Donnie Darko"

Dewey in repose

I Want to Own an Aviary - by Count Langenhoffen

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