Friday, April 14, 2006


Frederick Keys are Money

I've been interviewing professional baseball players as part of my reporting gig with Orioles Hangout on the Frederick Keys, the Single A minor league affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles.

So far, I've witnessed the fourth no-hitter in team history, during which young gun Radhames Liz, a Dominican kid, struck out 13 of 15 batters he faced on 81 pitches, 12 swinging.


I've also made sure to talk to stud prospect Nolan Reimold, since he might be getting promoted to AA Bowie sooner rather than later. I would be somehat surprised if Reimold isn't playing for the Orioles by late 2007, or in the Opening Day lineup as a starting OF by 2008. The kid hit two dingers yesterday.

Luke is also hot right now...

My good friend Luke Kim, who as of a couple months ago was a frequent visitor and poster to this site, apparently is enough of a big deal to pull an interview with an internet poker website (

It's sort of weird to see your friends get interviewed and read their opinions as if they are more important than usual. Way to go kid...

the "Luke Kim and F.J. Delgado Run Out of Gas Story" is on the way...


Drew said...

Maybe you should have this Liz kid pitch tonight for Wednesday night baseball.

He can't do much worse than Chen. My tribe really roughed him up.

F.J. Delgado said...

yo Drew,

Cleveland has gotten off to a good start, but, as always, pitching is your team's Achilles Heel.

18-9 slaughter of your Tribe by my O's tonight, so sorry.

cc said...

In the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon world, I wrote the Luke Kim article.