Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Save the Orioles

also... this ESPN article on how a Pittsburgh Steelers fan LITERALLY had a heart attack after Jerome Bettis fumbled the ball in the closing seconds of the 4th quarter at the goal line in the Instant Classic game this past Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts helps explain 3 American cultural and sports phenomena:

1. guys will always love their sports and competition, and live and die by their favorite sports teams.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers fans are probably the best, proudest fans in all of football (here's to another Super Bowl Championship for them!)

3. The Indianapolis Colts suck. 0 (ZERO) Super Bowls since the franchise betrayed the city of Baltimore - one of the best sports towns in the history of the United States - and peaced out in the middle of the night in 1983. I call it the Curse of Johnny Unitas.

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