Saturday, December 31, 2005

Beautiful Girls / Hotties

I also highly enjoy ranking girls, what guy doesn't? And also like most dudes, I'm convinced I have a keen eye for feminine beauty, but as with most things, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Again, not unlike the "best bands" argument, there's certain categories of hotness in a girl. There's "porn-star hot" (Playmates and Pamela Anderson, whom I don't really find that attractive even though it's easy to see why guys love her, and a source of debate between some of my friends,
Melinda from the Real World Austin I would consider in this group), "model hot" (Estella Warren, Charlize Theron, Rebecca Romijn in her early days, Heidi Klum, you get the picture), and "girl next door hot" (Jessica Alba, Katie Holmes before Tom Cruise ruined her, Lauren and Kristin from Laguna Beach, and Cameran from the Real World, whom I consider the hottest female Real World cast member in Real World History).

I lean heavily towards girl next door hot and model hot, along with probably most guys.

My Top 11 Hotties List will be posted soon.

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE: May you all kiss a hottie near and dear to you tonight at midnight.

ALSO: Be on the lookout for Tennis Hotties, as Whitney from Meandering Endlessly and FJDelgado from Letter Never Sent rank the current Top 11 Tennis Hotties List within the next 3 days.


D said...

Jessica Alba in my dreams every night.. I would give my left nut for that girl...

wallycrawler said...

You love da fresh faced girl next door don'tcha ? Ya want to foul those young starlets and make them nasty , don'tcha ? Perv. ! Me I like the sluts [ with money ! ] Courtney Love [ not now before she's fat and ugly now ] , Paris , Jenna . Ya now the real Ho's . I don't know why . I just love a good a "Ditch Pig" ! Oh ya & my wife .

F.J. Delgado said...

D and wally: i'm not gonna sit here and lie to you - i like your guys' style.

you two (or U2?) are hilarious!

and, let's just say, the three of us are on the same page here.