Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Mandatory TV-viewing, baseball playoff picks

On Thursday, October 6th, U2 will be on Conan O'Brien. For the entire show.

Something like this has never been done on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien," and it certainly hasn't been done on any of the major talk shows in recent memory. Regardless, watching arguably the world's best band going on the funniest and best-written late-night talk show can't be missed ("The Daily Show" is excellent but it's not in the same format as the other late nights).

Perhaps we can expect to see Bono do a segment of "In the Year 2000", with the Edge singing the "in the year two-thousaaaaaand" part?

U2 to cut moon in half to serve purposes of stage


The MLB playoffs are in full swing, and even though they're a day late, my picks are:

ALCS picks: New York Yankees vs. Chicago White Sox
pick: White Sox

NLCS picks: Houston Astros vs. St. Louis Cardinals
pick: Cardinals

World Series: Chicago White Sox vs. St. Louis Cardinals
pick: St. Louis Cardinals

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