Friday, September 02, 2005

Begin the Begin

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So yes, I've decided to do one of these blog things which seems to be fairly hot right now among the internet savvy and ambiguously dorky. Rather than looking at myself as a follower, I will claim instead that I am one of the pioneers of the blogging phenomenon - some of my friends will remember my glorious webpage and guest book on Geocities back in the day, an endeavor which was clearly aborted well before its time. The creativity, vulgarity, and hilarity featured in the guestbook will live forever in the hearts of many. My favorite post is still Papa Burgundy's short but mellifluous posting:


You suck and my dick is huge.


Anyway, I suppose the points of this blog are to archive my random ruminations, to list my interests and various lists of superlatives, to state some of my asinine goals in life (for example my goal of making English sound like a foreign language to simpletons via usage of sesquipedalian and esoteric words), and to simply find something semi-productive to do in my spare time, simultaneously cutting down on hours spent watching too much late night talk shows and old episodes of The X-Files every Tuesday and Wednesday nights from 12 am - 5am on TNT.

So, join me, won't you? I promise absolutely nothing but the occasional laugh and the constant questioning of why you would ever have befriended a fellow such as myself.

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