Monday, March 20, 2006

Letter Never Sent - Deep Thoughts by Intellectual Steve

by Intellectual_ Steve

An Actual Letter That Was Never Sent

I came home from the bookstore (where I had about five $3.00 coffees) not too long ago, and in my mailbox I discovered a letter that I had mailed to my cousin about a week and a half prior.

You see my cousin, Adrian, is the industrious type, and about five years ago he unfortunately landed himself in a prison in Orlando, Florida. Yep, he'll be there for about fifteen more years.

More on that to follow.

At any rate, the letter I sent was returned from the prison with a Corrections stamp that stated "Prisoner #33126788 does not exist at this facility".

So, naturally, I checked his mailing address (went over old letters we have sent each other) and the address is correct - prisoner number and everything... (????)

Basically, I have two thoughts running through my mind:

1. Is there a hidden meaning behind 'Prisoner 33125788 does not exist at this facility'?


2. Why do they have a stamp for it?


Anonymous said...

its probably like those rotatable date stamps that are adjustable...

wallycrawler said...

F'n government controled BS . Always the same "Ya can't get there from here " Attitude . 15 years man that's harsh ! If it's drugs that's "f'd up crazy" ! If was drug related I feel for him . Florida isn't the place to commit a crime they'll hang'ya up by the balls . I love it in the Keys though . Was he a OK guy ?

F.J. Delgado said...

note to self: don't be too industrious in life, or I could have my own stamp made for the completely wrong reasons.