Monday, February 20, 2006

Siesta Time: The New World

A couple Fridays ago, I went to see the matinee viewing of The New World at Loews Theatres in White Marsh, MD.
Rather than put everyone through a lengthy review, I will only offer a few comments/suggestions.

1. To Colin Farrell - It is evident that you are just a pretty face. I recommend you start reading the scripts before telling your agent ..."I'm in, when do I start"... You see, Colin, the movie business is all about "What have you done lately", and quite frankly, if you keep this shit up you will have a very short career (read Phone Booth, Alexander).

2. To Terrence Malick (writer and director) - One of the main ingredients of a successful movie is "a story". Please keep that in mind when you undertake your next cinematic endeavor. Furthermore, although titles of movies do not have to give away the integral points of the story, plot, or theme, they should relate to the content in some meaningful way. For example, you chose The New World, and to be honest, I felt duped. Had you named the picture "The Love Triangle of Pocahontas" perhaps I would have had a better feeling as a exited the theatre in haste.

3. Go fuck yourself, New Line Cinema.



Shaun Poulin said...

So Steve, you think Colin is hot?

F.J. Delgado said...

that's a money question, Shaun... I'd be interested to hear Steve defend his position on that!

Intellectual_Steve said...

Hi Shaun,

First - good luck on the 30K project. I look forward to reading about it every week.

Second - As for Colin Farrell, since there is no evidence of acting ability and noticing how all the women at the office swoon over the mere mention of him - I can only deduce that he is good looking dude.

take it easy -

c said...

female perspective: i can confirm that colin is hot in a dirty way. also known as a scallywag.
and if you want to really kill terrence malick, did you ever see "the thin red line?"

Intellectual_Steve said...

Ha - Great stuff C

F.J. Delgado said...

hey c... who else do you consider to be "scallywag" hot?

i want to know because i want to be able to pull off that look for the ladies who love scallywags!

c said...

i'll have to think about it because i really don't like bad boys. but if a man is amusing and charming he can get away with a lot even when you know he is full of shit - i.e vince vaughan.